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The Ultimate Boss Babe

There’s literally nothing more inspiring to me than women who not only kick ass in their own lives but motivate other women to do so. Contrary to what other people or you yourself may think; her success is not your failure.

This is one of many notions that master life coach, author, speaker and ultimate boss babe Cara Alwill Leyba drives home on her beautiful blog; The Champagne Diet, her bestselling books and the podcast ‘Style Your Mind’. She rocks Chanel, pink hair and is always unapologetically herself. She dishes out some real talk on the daily and although it’s not always what you might want to hear it’s absolutely what you need to hear and it always comes at just the right time.  I recently finished her latest book, ‘Girl Code’ thanks to the recommendation from my friend Kirsten who’s ‘Girl Crush Collective’ Facebook group read it as part of their online book club. It was a complete game changer and made me realize that as of late I was becoming complacent, accepting things as they are and giving into feelings, people and situations that were no longer serving me in a positive or a productive way.

Will definitely elaborate on that later.

No matter where you are in your life, whatever your pursuits may be I guarantee Cara will light a fire under you.